Style : Make Your Legs Look Longer

The struggle is real, for a woman who had petite body considering to what outfits we should wear might take more times than usual. Why? To choose. What types of clothes and pants would make us look taller. Now, hold your thoughts and let me tell you the tips:   1. Try on a Pair [...]


Style : Classic Romantic

A classic romantic, perfect for dinner or a date! We already know from my previous post that vintage has a soul, that's why I believe vintage got me really felt so romantic in this outfits. Considering vintage came with romantic ambiance, a pastel pink blouse match with white palazzo pants suits really well for vintage. [...]


While you, pretending unaffected I'm writing down what you should feel   While you, pretending unaffected I'm here chasing down your attention   While you, pretending unaffected The tears force to came out   The moon won't collaborate anymore He ran away Sucking up his pride and hide the light   While the girl, who've [...]

4 Reasons why we should be more Vintage | First Lookbook

  Nothing could be more classic than Vintage. Too old to be considered modern, but not old enough to be considered antique. Vintage known as a heavily used items, also a type of clothing or way to dress. But what we're looking for here are the retro revolution. In these days, vintage has the potential to [...]

Forget me not!

Bonjour! Good fellas It's been an honor for me to have a chance to write and share what's been on my mind in the past few month. My blog have always been about poems, thoughts, quotes and some movie review that you knew I love it a lot! I can't deny it anymore. It was [...]